The Sharmila Foundation volunteers will play a vital role in making a difference of the lives of the Nepalese people. Participants will have the pleasure of being involved with local communities and schools in whatever role they feel they can offer. The volunteers can participate in teaching Maths, Science, Health, Sport and English programs at local Nepalese public schools which are short of staff and are in need of regular volunteers. Tourism is a major industry in Nepal and knowledge of the English language is very important to get a good job.

Our volunteers will mainly play the role of teacher assistants and may also be asked to teach a class on their own. Volunteering as an English Teacher is a great way to gain valuable work experience abroad. Volunteers should have good English speaking abilities and lots of enthusiasm to work with children. Starting with the basics of the language, the school children will be delighted if they are able to learn simple, short sentences which enables them to understand English and express themselves through basic English conversation. Volunteers mainly assist the local teaching staff at the schools and can work together to evolve new ways of teaching in a play-based method.

Whatever activity you would be doing – be it playing games, dancing, going to a picnic or outing – your language of communication would be English and the kids would pick up the language naturally. You are also welcome to participate in other activities of the school such as sports, music, and arts.

Volunteers are mostly placed in primary school placements, however for those looking to work in high school, placement options are also available for them.

Note: Volunteers do not need to be qualified teachers to join this Program.

Living and Other Arrangements

It is our duty at the Sharmila Foundation to make your stay comfortable and enjoyable, so the moment you land in Nepal we take care of you. From arranging airport transfers to providing you comfortable accommodation, plus assisting with weekend tours, we try to serve you the best.

Airport pick up / Drop off

Volunteers are picked up from the Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu by our local staff or coordinator. Those volunteers who will be already in Nepal will be met by the staff at a designated meeting point decided beforehand.

Accommodation on site

Accommodation is provided on a shared basis in a local Nepalese family home or at our project area. Depending on the availability you will be assigned your accommodation. Both the home stay accommodation and volunteers house are neat and provide a comfortable stay during your volunteering period in Nepal. All accommodation have running water, maybe electricity and all basic amenities available. Both accommodations have cold water showers and maybe hot water for winters and in some location Wi-Fi internet available.


A half day orientation will be provided by our staff. We cover these areas; culture, greetings, locations, transportation etc. We would recommend before you begin your placement in the volunteer program that you undertake a 1-week Language & Culture Orientation week in Kathmandu (you would be required to pay for this yourself.


2 or 3 Nepalese meals will be provided to all volunteers depending on your work schedule. Breakfast typically consists of Bread, Butter, Jam, Sandwich, Tea etc. Typical meals provided include Dal (Lentils), Rice, Vegetables, Chicken and meat etc.

How much will Volunteering in Nepal cost you?

The program costs ranges from anything between $US 550- to $US 650 for a two weeks’ placement. Longer and shorter duration programs are also available.

The program fees include your food, accommodation, airport pick-up and drop off in Nepal, food when you are in the village and transport to and from the village from Kathmandu.

The Sharmila Foundation can assist pre-travel, local transportation, airfare to Nepal, shopping and sightseeing, rafting, kayaking and trekking. Please ask us if you would like to pursue any of these activities while you are in Nepal and we can provide you with costs and itineraries. Nepal isn’t a very expensive country as long as a volunteer is well informed and cautious in his/her expenditure.

How much money do I have to carry for my personal use?

With SF you will have 2 meals covered each day and accommodation provided so the only expense you incur would be on extra meal, sightseeing or travel. Considering that you may end up buying souvenirs or visiting a fine dining restaurant or  cafe, you can still do well in Nepal at $15 or $20 a day. For a comfortable stay in Nepal, with trekking, sightseeing, time at a lake or river, safari and luxurious accommodation, one can end up spending $25-$50 a day. Upon arrival in Nepal Foreign Currencies Exceeding $2000 must be declared (Except for citizens of Nepal and India)

Visa requirement for Volunteers

The visa can be applied online from across the globe. It is not required for Indian visitors and comes free of cost for South Asian countries and China. There are three different options available for the Nepalese visa which are for 15, 30 and 90 days costing US$ 40, $65  and $100, respectively. *Please bring this in cash plus two passport size photos and then it is possible to get your Nepalese visa upon arrival at the airport in Kathmandu. Visa extensions are also available at the immigration offices in Kathmandu and Pokhara.

A transit visa is also available at $US 5- dollars which cannot be extended.

How to make the most of your Volunteering?

“Happiness is making the most of what you have” 

  • Pick the right project
  • Relate, engage, go above and beyond
  • Reflect: Evaluate experiences with reflection activities
  • Record your experiences
  • Have fun
  • Enjoy the delicious food
  • Make time to enjoy the spectacular environment
  • Learn the Nepalese language and make time to sit down in your day and chat to people

 Your task is to make a difference in the lives of the people and provide opportunities. Volunteer services make a huge difference at the grassroots level and small contributions such has vaccinating ( if you are a nurse or doctor) volunteering and/or educating a child will have a major social impact.

Thank you for thinking of others and showing kindness and compassion.